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Studies on the Father, Son & Spirit

This page will contain a library of studies in relation to the wonderful truth of the One True God of the Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ and their spirit. I will be adding studies on a regular basis.

Study Number 1

Who is the God of the Bible?

Study Number 2

Jesus Christ, the True Son of God

Study Number 3


Belief in Jesus Being the Son of God

Study Number 4


The Identity of the Spirit

Study Number 5

Is the Trinity Biblical

Is the Trinity Biblical (for Adventist's)

Study Number 6

Who is the God of the Universe

Study Number 7


Can we Really KNOW God?

Study Number 8


The Godhead

Study Number 9

Christ our Comforter

Christ Our Comforter (for Adventist's)

Study Number 10


Complete IN Christ

Complete in Christ (for Adventists)

Study Number 11


A Biblical Understanding of a Spirit

Study Number 12

Did Paul Know Who God Was?

Study Number 13

Abiding in Christ

Study Number 14

The Promise of the Father

Study Number 15

The Counsel of Peace

The Counsel of Peace (for Adventist's)

Other Bible Studies

Death, Judgement & Resurrection

The Sabbath - Simplified

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